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This site is dedicated to Lotto Systems. The list of Lotto Systems on this site is one of the most complete and updated in the world, and will help gamblers to choose the best lotto systems, those with less number of combinations. The systems are applicable on Lotteries all over the world.

Most of the coverings for these systems are developed by Webmaster of this site, while other coverings are provided by some of the best experts in Lottery, gambling and mathematics.

Part of this site is dedicated to Toto Systems (Football pools) which can be found on Riccardo's Toto page.

You will find a Free Download Page where you can download some of the Lotto and Toto Systems for free.

I hope this site will help you to win Lotto or Toto games. Good wheeling!

New record 49/6/3/6=163 by Dragan Stojiljkovic & Rade Belic

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